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Site settings


The optimum software and site settings for using our site.


How to optimise this service

  • This site should be viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600.
  • The number of colours on screen should be set to 256 or higher.
  • Use the scroll bars at the right hand side of the web browser to view additional information.
  • If you are using a modem, 56kB is preferred, however a 28.8kB modem will provide acceptable performance.
  • If browsing this site with Microsoft Internet Explorer ensure you have version 4.01 or higher.  Version 5.5 is required for some User Administration functions.
  • The recommended proportional font is Arial 10 point.  The recommended Fixed font is Courier New 10 point.
  • If browsing this site with Netscape Navigator ensure you have version 4.5 or higher.  Version 4.73 is required for some User Administration functions.
  • If browsing this site with Microsoft Internet Explorer under Windows 3.11 you may experience some problems with alignment of images.  This doesn't seem to occur under Windows 95.
  • This site requires Java Script. Macintosh computers require Macintosh Runtime for Java version 2.2.4 or higher.
  • If your session is locking up when you try to login or you encounter "Action Cancelled" or "Page cannot be displayed" messages and are running Internet Explorer version 6 with service pack 1, please download hot fix Q331906 from Microsoft.


What software might I need to view this site?

There are links on the web site to download the software you require.  If you would like detailed information please refer to Site Software.


Will I need access to other technical resources to use the online services?

For some services (e.g. incorporating a company with the Companies Office) you will also need access to a fax machine or scanner and a printer.


Last updated 31 August 2009