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How to remove a company from the register

A company may close or be removed for one of the following reasons:

  • Formal removal
  • By the registrar
  • At the completion of a liquidation
  • Amalgamation

There are no fees associated with registering the closure of your company with the Niue Companies Office.

If your company is being liquidated there may be some fees associated with the distribution of your company assets. You will need to speak to your liquidator to confirm their fees. There will also be fees associated with an amalgamation. 

How to register a formal removal

To remove a company from the Niue Register you must complete the Registrars form and send it to the Registrar. You must also attach written notice from the Financial Secretary stating that the Financial Secretary has no objection to the company being removed from the Niue register. The applicant must also give public notice allowing for any objective to the removal to be lodged. If no objections are lodged the company is removed from the register. 

With a formal removal you need to file:

  • the Registrar's form
  • written notice from the Financial Secretary
  • submit documents by hand during normal business hours or through the post to the following address:

    Registrar of Companies
    Treasury Department
    Niue Public Services
    PO Box 36

What happens at the completion of a liquidation?

The Registrar must remove a company from the register when a liquidator forwards to the Registrar prescribed final reports and accounts in respect of the company liquidation.

Last updated 5 February 2019