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How to register a company in Niue


Forming a Niuean Company is easy, just follow these steps:


Search the register

Before you submit your application to incorporate a company it is recommended you search the Niue Companies register in order to see if the name you want is already taken, if it is you will have to choose another name, if not, you are halfway there to registering a company in Niue.


Note | If an application for incorporation of a company specifies a name that does not meet the requirements of the Act, the Registrar will incorporate the company with a name in the form “Company number x Limited”, where “x” is a unique number assigned to the company by the Registrar for this purpose.


Submit your application

Documents lodged for registration (Application form and Consent of Director/s form/s) must be delivered to the Registrar of Companies together with the payment of the appropriate fees and a copy of the rules of the company, if they differ from the model rules.  Documents can be delivered by hand during normal business hours or through the post to the following address:

Registrar of Companies
Treasury Department
Niue Public Services
PO Box 36

Once all of these steps have been completed you will be sent a 'Certificate of Incorporation' and the company is entered on the Register of Companies.


Last updated 28 August 2009