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Learn what a company is


If you are getting started in business there is plenty to learn.  

This range of resources provides insight into company structures, name protection, forming a company and where to go next.


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Choosing a business structure

To own and operate a business in Niue you need to choose a business structure. This overview will help you select a business structure that suits your needs.

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What is a company?

When you form a company, you are creating a separate legal entity to carry on business. Learn more about the basic elements of a limited liability company structure.

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Why form a company?

A company has many advantages over other business structures.

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Choosing your company name

Find out if the company name you would like to use has already been registered.

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Company directors

Find out the role directors play in the structure of a company. Can anyone be a director?

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Shares and shareholders

Shareholders are investors in the company. They pay money into the company in return for shares. The amount shareholders pay for shares is determined by agreement with the company.

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Company addresses

You need to tell the Companies Office how to get in contact with you, every company must have a Registered Office with a physical and postal address in Niue.

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Maintaining and keeping records

The Niue Companies Act requires every company to keep and maintain certain records.

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Last updated 28 August 2009