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Previous name search


If you can not find a name using the Register Search option it maybe that the company has changed its name.  You can use the Previous Name Search facility to find out if this is the case.

[icon] Search.  Click here to conduct a previous name search now.


Note | Always use the register search facility to locate companies you suspect may have been struck off (removed from the register).  The previous name search option will look for historical company names, not historical company's.


How does the search work?

The previous name search facility searches the register for the historic names of companies.  These are the names that have previously been the registered name of a company.  For example, if ABC Limited changes its name to XYZ Limited, ABC Limited will be the historic name of XYZ Limited.


How to search a previous name 

  1. Select Previous Name Search from the left hand menu.
  2. Either enter the relevant number
  3. Or enter the first few characters of the historic name.  If you are not sure of the exact name you can enter keywords from the historic name in the relevant field.
  4. Click on the Submit Search button to display a list of search results.  The results display the historic or former name and the companies current registered name.

The search results are displayed in lists of ten.  Use the Next 10 and Previous 10 buttons to scroll through the list until you find the company you want.  Double-click on either the historic name or the current name.  This will display the current information for the company.

Last updated 28 August 2009