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Register search


The Companies Register of Niue is an electronic register where company information and documents can be viewed online.  There are three options available to you for conducting a Register Search.  Searching is easy and the information is FREE.

A Register Search allows you to locate a company using either the company name or company number.  This search will locate the companies that are currently incorporated as well as those that have been removed from the register (struck off).

  • Number search
  • Standard name search
  • Keyword search


 Conduct a register search now


Step by step instructions

Number search

Every company registered with the Companies Office has a unique reference number.  If you know this number, simply type it in the standard search field and click on Submit Search.  The next screen displays the company name and number.  Click on the link to see more information about that company.


Standard name search

Enter the first few characters of an company name in the standard search box and click on submit search.  Click on an company name from the list to see more information about that company.

If you wish to select another organisation from this list, select the Previous Search button to return to the list.


Keyword search

Keywords can appear anywhere within a company name.  Choose words that you think will return fewer results.  Common words like ‘Investments’, ‘Holdings’, ‘Limited’ and ‘Company’ cannot be searched as they are not keywords.


Last updated 3 May 2018