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The Companies Register of Niue is an electronic register where company information and documents can be viewed online free of charge.

You can search the register free of charge for information about both Niue companies and overseas companies.

Searching by a company's name or number

A register search allows you to locate a company using either its name or company number. This search will locate companies, including overseas companies, that are currently incorporated as well as those that have been removed from the register (struck off).

Search the register for a company

Search by company's number

Every company registered with the Companies Office has a unique reference number. If you know this number, simply type it in the standard search field and click on Submit Search. The next screen displays the company name and number. Select the link to see more information about that company.

Enter the first few characters of a company name in the standard search box and click on submit search. Select a company name from the search results list to see more information about that company.

If you wish to select another company from this list, select the Previous Search button to return to the list. 

Keywords can appear anywhere within a company name. Choose words that you think will return fewer results. Enter one or two keywords in a company's name in the keyword search box then submit your search.

Searching by a company's previous name

When a company has changed its name you can use the 'Previous name search' option to locate a company using a previous name, even if you don't know the current company name.

How the previous name search works

The previous name search facility searches the register for historic names of companies. These are the names that have previously been the registered name of a company. For example, if ABC Limited changes its name to XYZ Limited, ABC Limited will be the historic name of XYZ Limited. 

How to search a previous name 

  1. Enter either the relevant number or the first few characters of the historic name. If you're not sure of the exact name you can enter keywords from the historic name in the relevant field.
  2. Select the 'Submit Search' button to display a list of search results.
    The results display the historic or previous name along with the company's current registered name. Select the link to view the current company information.
Search using a company's previous name

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